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What are the health and safety measures to be taken while plastering?
What are the health and safety measures to be taken while plastering?
News pubblicata il 12-08-2019
Measures of safety related to people working in the Construction Trade like bricklayers, joiners, roofers, plasterers, painters, and decorators, helps in reducing the risk of hazards, abrasion and weak condition of health. So workers should have training in health and safety training courses available. Some physical and security risks that may be faced on-site include:
  • Sinking from Peaks
  • Eyes can get injured from the effect of dust and other flying flakes
  • More exposed to asbestos generates the risk of developing cancer
  • Keeping the work area untidy increases the risk of slip on and fall down
  • Activities which are to be executed manually
  • Use of different kinds of apparatus and technology
  • Dry rots, decay, and germs
  • Skin infection
  • Wounds and bruises
  • Thumped by any machines
  • Amputation of limbs or fingers
  • From performing tasks on a repeated basis, risks of irritation and cramp increases
  • Openness to loud sounds
  • Hurt by slipping article
  • Narrow areas of working
  • Exposed to uncovered electric gadgets or wires
  • Exposure to sun
  • Injury to hands and feet
Along with the working, just have the information of how to reduce the risks and staying healthy and safe and also need to carry the CSCS Card so that in need supervisor can take the action with a valid document.

What is the Law of Health Safety?
The Health and Safety Act 1974, is always having its regulations modified for the improvement of workers safety. Every worker's fitness, security, and betterment at the workplace is in the safe hands of the law. The employer is entitled to safeguard and up to date about the health and safety and give proper details, guidance, lessons, and regulation to help in carrying out the work very safely. The workers also have some official responsibilities like:
  • Taking care of owns health and safety along with others like co-workers or public people.
  • Personal Protective Equipment is a must wear
  • Correct use and defects reporting of work assets employer-provided which may be tools, apparatus or gear for personal protection
  • One must not poke into or waste any of the things given for fitness, security and well-being.
The CSCS Health, Safety, and Environment Test are a must for all plasterers indifferent of their work like a labourer, skilled worker or a supervisor. The health and safety coursehave official recognition. Alongside this is also an indication about staying aware of the upcoming health and safety levels. Any worker with a registered CSCS application card online will be given special preference. Staying safe while plastering is possible with some regulations
  • Having protective equipment
  • Health and safety is sure to follow
  • Work safely while on site
This training even teaches about the provision of first aid to treat an injured person immediately and emergency services could be contacted if needed. All working sites should be having a good number of skilled first aid persons tallying with the risks and the employee numbers. The nominated first aiders name is to be written on a prominent position so that the name could be remembered and he should be the first person called in case of an emergency on site.